Remembering Erica Hillyard

I would like to thank everyone who sent cards and well wishes to me and my family in our time of sorrow. Also, thanks to all of the Weavers Way staff for their love and support.

Special thanks to Norman Weiss, who was too emotional to speak at Erica’s funeral. Here’s what he prepared; it touched Erica & I deeply.

- Stephanie Johnson

Norman’s Remembrance

I wanted to relay two memories about Erica. First, when Stephanie was working at Weavers Way receiving and backstock, her job was fairly physical. One day she told her supervisor, Noah, and myself she was pregnant with Erica, and we should start planning for her to be out a while. I think it was the first time we had a staffer that was pregnant whose job would be impacted. I remember Noah and I being somewhat surprised and bewildered as to what to do; this was our first experience with a co-worker being pregnant.

The second memory was from when Erica was around 7 or 8. She was at the Co-op and we were in the cash office and Erica noticed the little door that led out to a roof. Erica’s natural curiosity and sense of adventure led us to go out on the roof together to explore what was out there and take a peek over the edge.

Erica and I were friends ever since. I am sad I will never see her again, but glad I got to know her.