Weavers Way Ambler

Check back soon for the next Ambler $4 Friday menu!

217 E. Butler Ave.
Ambler, PA
Open 9 a.m.-7 p.m. every day

Our Ambler store is big and modern and 100 percent Weavers Way! We have all the local, organic — and delicious! — produce, dairy, baked goods and grocery, and other sustainable products that made the "the Co-op" a Northwest Philadelphia grocery destination. Then there's Ambler's expanded prepared foods kitchen, with hot and cold takeout options (and a sit-down cafe to go with them), a full service in-store meat department, miles of aisles of bulk foods and pet supplies, and an extensive selection of health and wellness products and cruelty-free beauty specialties.

(Psst! There's even parking!)

To read about the history of our Ambler store, click here.

Weavers Way Ambler is a true community achievement, the result of the tireless efforts of the members of the Ambler Food Co-op to bring a grocery store back to their town. Weavers Way Ambler is at 217 E. Butler Ave., just up the street from the Ambler Theater.