Check It Out: A Strange Sandwich, Healthy Hemp, and Crunchy Cashews

Karen Plourde, Editor, Weavers Way Shuttle

The Daily Deli

Try the ‘Stranger Things’ sandwich, put together upside down.

Sandwich Station Artiste Franco Liles, inspired by the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things,” has developed a hoagie that’s gotten plenty of buzz. Key elements are blueberry spread, house-roasted turkey, lettuce, sweet peppers, pickles, and cheddar cheese, and the placement of ingredients is… strange. Take an edible trip to 1980s Hawkins, IN, for $8.99.

Deli customers, take note: Your sliced meat order can now be wrapped in paper rather than plastic. Be sure to inform the clerk at time of ordering.

All Wellness and Good

Across the Way adds Terry Naturally remedies, Ambler gets sweet on Colorado Hemp Honey, and Acure will soon debut a new hair formula.

Green Bay, WI-based Terry Naturally supplements, already stocked in Ambler, now have a home in Mt. Airy. Their CuraMed is the only patented curcumin that contains turmeric essential oil, which helps reduce inflammation. Curamin, meanwhile, is a nature-based pain reliever available in various strengths and targeted to ease lower back pain and headaches and help you sleep. Across the Way also carries Terry Naturally formulas that address bladder health, blood sugar balance, and anxiety (their Anxio Calm series). Ambler carries CuraMed, as well as traditional and vegan Curamin formulas, and the one designed for lower back pain.

As hemp-infused products go, honey may make a better vehicle than some others out there. Colorado Hemp Honey, recently added to Ambler’s wellness department, also has a small display Next Door. It’s produced at Frangiosa Farms in Parker, CO, and blends raw Rocky Mountain honey with full-spectrum hemp extract and organic essential oils. A six-ounce jar of one of their four flavors is $26.99, and a variety 10-pack of honey sticks is $27.99 in the Hill. Single sticks are also available in both stores for $2.99 each.

The color-treated heads among us can look forward to Acure Color Wellness shampoos and conditioners, expected to be added soon to all our wellness locations. Varieties include Wave & Curl, Unicorn Shimmer, and Detox-Defy.

Bulk & Beyond

Flavored cashews from Tierra Farm, and tamari pumpkin seeds from Woodstock.

For added punch and crunch to salads, yogurt, homemade trail mixes, and more, bag up a scoop or two of Tierra Farms organic honey sriracha or maple cashews, now in bins in Mt. Airy for $15.99/lb. (The honey sriracha cashews are available packaged in Ambler.) Not enough crunch for you? Woodstock Foods tamari pumpkin seeds can now be found in a gravity bin at the Incredible Bulk for $11.99/lb.