Editor’s Note: Thanks For Reading Online, But Don't Worry — the Print Shuttle Isn't Going Away

Karen Plourde, Editor, Weavers Way Shuttle

The feedback to our “You’re Just a Few Clicks Away From Unsubscribing to the Paper Shuttle” email blast on June 25 came in fast, and, as is the way with Weavers Way members, varied. We got a fair number of “Thanks for doing this!” responses, along with several that said they were going to unsubscribe from the paper version, but asked whether they’d be reminded when a new Shuttle was coming out so they’d remember to check it out (good suggestion, and as you know, we did). The last update I got on total number of new “unsubscribers” before I wrote this column was 1,187. Thanks! That should put a healthy dent in reducing the postage bill.

I replied to some who felt the need to explain why they really enjoyed reading the paper Shuttle versus the online version, and please could they continue to receive their copy. Absolutely; no need to feel guilty. This move was never meant to take Shuttles away from readers — only a means for people to shed themselves of the paper copy if they weren’t using it.

An extra “Thank You” to those who took the time to include some words of praise about the Shuttle — how much you enjoy reading it and appreciate the amount of information in it. That was an unintended bonus of this exercise. We’re probably far down the list of things that compete for your attention, but we’re gratified that you give us the amount of brain space that you do.

As Big Boss Jon Roesser often points out, no other co-op puts out as extensive a publication as we do. We’re fortunate to have the resources and talent to do it, and even more fortunate that our members pay attention to it and support it in the form of buying advertising, contributing articles and responding to what we put out. 

We’re bucking a trend, but so what? That’s where Co-op members live often, anyway. Thanks for staying with us on this ride.