Why We Give: The Folks at Moore Brothers Are Fans of the Farm to Table Dinner

Susan Crawshaw, Moore Brothers Wine Company
John Barone photos
Moore Brothers’ Susan Crawshaw tends bar, top; the Cope House at Awbury Arboretum is illuminated for the Farm to Table Dinner.

Why do we support Food Moxie? That’s easy: Moore Brothers and Weavers Way have a lot in common, so it only makes sense we come together to support the Co-op’s affiliated nonprofit, and the annual Farm to Table Dinner.

We count many Co-op members among our regular shoppers, but Moore Brothers and Weavers Way share more than a customer base. We share values, and these values drive our mutual support of Food Moxie and their farm, nutrition and culinary education programs.

We share a commitment to naturally grown, naturally made products. We share respect for the land and for the people who farm it. And we share a dedication to community — the personal relationships with our farmers and our customers, as well as the local traditions and culture that make sharing a meal the best way we know to connect with each other. 

In short, we believe growing real food, like growing real wine, is real good work. We’re proud to help Food Moxie make the fruits of that work accessible to an even wider community. Cheers to all involved.

Moore Brothers Wine Company is just over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Pennsauken, NJ, as well as in Wilmington, DE, and (coming soon) Brooklyn, NY. For more info, visit the  stores or www.moorebrothers.com.