Cooperator of the Month: Kay MacDonald

Joined Weavers Way: 1996.

Lives in: Mt. Airy with her partner, Sue Coulter.

Current job: She’s a registered investment advisor for RBC U.S. Wealth Management.

Why they’re members: “It’s a massively convenient spot, and very congenial. It’s always been very congenial.”

Co-op job history: Three-plus years ago, she was asked by then-General Manager Glenn Bergman to sit on a committee that was looking into changing the 401(k) plan for Co-op employees. That morphed into periodic seminars she leads that explain the plan and encourage employees to save for retirement. She also consults with the Co-op on issues related to the plan.

Why that’s important: “We have a retirement crisis, and I’m of retirement age. . . . People need to save, and they need to understand more about their taxes. . . . There’s no formal financial hygiene. We don’t teach people about money.”

Favorite Co-op products: Metropolitan olive bread. They’re also fans of all the gelatos.

A little Co-op love: “It is a living, breathing, vital community concern and service. It is regarded as a warm, welcome, safe, tolerant place in the community. And that starts at the top, and it should go right down.”

— Karen Plourde