It's Time for Pizza on the Grill

Shawn O'Connell, Weavers Way Mt. Airy Deli Manager

To get you started, these toppings are


Whole milk mozzarella
Vella Mezza Secca Dry Jack
Dolce gorgonzola
La Quercia pre-packaged prosciutto and speck
Boar's Head pork and turkey pepperoni

Whether you have a favorite recipe for pizza crust, you buy Four Worlds (white or wheat) from the Co-op or you like the quick option of using naan or a pita as your pizza base, you can and should make a pizza on the grill! You can keep your oven off and your kitchen cool, but still make an easy meal that feels like a treat.

I am no dough authority, and there are many recipes and pre-made options for pizza crust. But I do have tips on how to proceed when starting with fresh:

  • You can put the dough directly on the grill or use a well greased cast-iron pan or oven pizza stone.
  • The grill should be very hot.
  • Tongs are the best tool for flipping the dough and pulling the pie off of the grill and onto a plate.
  • Have all your toppings nearby and ready to go. Grill veggie, fruit or meat toppings ahead of time.
  • Roll or stretch your dough and then brush it with olive or another type of oil before throwing it on the heat.
  • Grill the dough without toppings for a couple minutes, then flip it and top it. Let it cook for few more minutes until the cheese melts and the bottom is brown. The whole process should take 6-7 minutes.

Here's some inspiration for toppings that will help make pizza night even more fun. (And the delis in both stores will be offering some sales on cheese to, ahem, sweeten the deal.)


  • Cheeses: Chihuahua, Queso fresco, Vella Dry Jack, Doe Run Farm Jac’s Jack. (All these cheeses are vegetarian friendly.)
  • Veggies: Grilled corn, zucchini, poblano peppers, radishes. Homemade pico de gallo or pineapple salsa.

Sweet and Spicy

Grilled peaches, whole-milk mozzarella, hot capicola, hot sopressatta. Grated Pecorino Romano. Ground black pepper. Top with fresh arugula or spinach after you take it off the grill.

The Sexy Pizza 1

Tallegio, grilled mushrooms (shitake, oyster, portobello). Roasted garlic. Grated Cacio di Bosco Pecorino with Truffles.

The Sexy Pizza 2

Dolce gorgonzola, grilled seedless grapes, rosemary-infused extra-virgin olive oil, toasted or candied pecans. Top at the end with thinly sliced prosciutto.

Classic (kind of)

You can’t go wrong with any (or all) of these toppings:

  • Fresh mozzarella, burrata, whole milk mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Marinara or puttanesca sauce, or pesto
  • Olives, roasted peppers, garlic
  • Pepperoni, Martin’s Italian sausage
  • Fresh basil, extra-virgin olive oil