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Photo Credit - Kestrel Plump
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Photo Credit: Laurie Beck
Photo Credit: Laurie Beck

Weavers Way Community Programs (WWCP) was created by the Board of Weavers Way Cooperative in 2007 as a means to expand its role in, and positive impact on, the community in which it operates. WWCP’s mission is to serve the Northwest Philadelphia community by fostering cooperative activities that support local food production, economic literacy, a sustainable environment and healthy lifestyles.  We envision a community where people have access to healthy food and lifestyles and live in a healthful and sustainable environment; available land is used productively to meet common needs; low-impact and efficient modes of energy production and transportation are available; conservation and recycling is a way of life; and the cooperative business model is valued and practiced.

At WWCP’s core are the farm-education programs at Mort Brooks Memorial Farm, W.B. Saul Agricultural High School and Stenton Family Manor (an emergency housing facility for homeless families), along with the Marketplace partnership with local schools. In 2008, WWCP’s core programs moved from Co-op-run projects to professional programs under the jurisdiction of the nonprofit. Funding for WWCP comes from a mix of foundation support, individual contributions and a small amount of income earned by our programs.

Each year, approximately 1,800 people take part in WWCP farm-education programs. In 2012, WWCP donated nearly 1,000 pounds of food to the kitchen at Stenton Family Manor. Dozens of students participate in Marketplace, serving more than 4,000 customers and generating nearly $10,000 in total sales. In 2012, $1,500 was donated to charities selected by the students in the Marketplace. 


WWCP continues to grow and expand, and has had many notable successes in its short existence. Among them:

  1. A $25,000 award from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission “in recognition of our innovative and successful collaborations with Awbury Arboretum, Martin Luther King High School and many others in our commitment to support the local economy” (2009).
  2. A $35,000 grant from DVRPC to develop a business plan for expansion of the Hope Garden at Stenton Family Manor (2010).
  3. The Citizens Bank Champions in Action Award in recognition of our outstanding commitment to food and nutrition (2011).
  4. Chosen by Philadelphia Pay It Forward for an annual day of service at the Hope Garden at Stenton Family Manor (2011).
  5. Recipient of a People Helping People-Goldenberg Group day of service at the Hope Garden at Stenton Family Manor (2012).