Benefits of Membership

Everyone can shop at Weavers Way, but there are many benefits to becoming a member.

Joining the Co-op makes you an owner. So when members call Weavers Way “their” co-op, they mean it. Being a member-owner means supporting local food and Weavers Way’s commitment to the community. 

Members save money 

Working members save even more money

Doing Co-op hours is optional, but working members save an additional 5% off all grocery purchases. Plus, being a working member is a great way to experience your co-op, get to know the staff, and truly become part of the operation — all for just six hours a year. 

Members are eligible for special services

  • Emailed receipts and online receipt review.
  • Cash back on checks and debit cards.
  • Pre-orders.
  • Home delivery. 
  • The Shuttle, Weavers Way's monthly newspaper, mailed to all members. 

Members have a say 

Sign up now, or visit one of our stores and join right at the cash register.