Weavers Way Homesteading Workshop: Herbal Stress Relief - Calming Herbs and Adaptogens

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Herbal remedies can promote immune function, calm an anxious mind, aid sleep, and promote detoxification and renewal. Our body is hit with stressors in our everyday lives - external environmental stress like pollution, internal stress from our responsibilities and commitments, and noise and light from the city and electronics can set our brains on high alert. In this workshop, we will make tea blends and discuss how adaptogens work on our body’s response to stress, as well as herbs that work together with them to relax and renew. 

This workshop will be led by community herbalist, Stephanie Kane. Registration is $10, register here.

Stephanie Kane works as the Apothecary Manager at Tooth of the Lion Farm + Apothecary, which creates accessible formulations with botanicals that thrive in the ecology of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Her classes focus primarily on making, and pull from traditional uses of plants in both western and ayurvedic tradition, to suggest ways they can be incorporated into modern life. Info: www.caravaherbals.com

Stephanie is not a licensed healthc-are practitioner, and does not diagnose illnesses, or prescribe plants or medicine for any purpose. 

The Weavers Way Homesteading Workshop Series offers our community diverse resources, tips and education that inspire and enable a stronger connection of our homes and lifestyles to nature and community. From how-to workshops on topics of self-sufficiency and urban homesteading to discussions about gardening for biodiversity, our Homesteading programs will guide us in methods of creating more sustainable, connected, and personally satisfying ways of modern living. Would you like to suggest a topic or lead a workshop? Contact Programs Coordinator, Stephanie Bruneau at sbruneau@weaversway.coop to share your idea!

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