Moxie Tuesday Workshop: Take Flight -- All About Honey

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to honey as you've never known it before! You will learn how and why honey is produced by the bees, some of its uses throughout history, and its amazing medicinal and nutritional properties. Together we will explore how the bees carry the benefits of the flowers and herbs from which they collect nectar back to their hives to create amazing medicinal honey varietals such as manuka honey from the New Zealand Tea Tree and others.

The workshop will include a tasting of local and varietal honeys, and a hands-on project where all workshop participants will make and taste a medicinal honey syrup together.

The workshop will be led by Weavers Way Program Coordinator Stephanie, who is also a local beekeeper and author of The Benevolent Bee

The $5 registration fee supports the efforts of Food Moxie. REGISTER HERE.

Weavers Way Co-op is pleased to offer this program in partnership with the non-profit FOOD MOXIE. Taking place on the second Tuesday of the month, MOXIE Tuesdays are a series of workshops, including cooking demos, discussions about food, food justice, and healthy eating. 

FOOD MOXIE was created by the Board of Directors of the Weavers Way Cooperative Association in 2007. From seed to supper, FOOD MOXIE educates and inspires people to grow, prepare, and eat healthy food. We work with children and families at Stenton Family Manor, and students at MLK High School, and Saul High School. 

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The Weavers Way Membership Dept.
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215-843-2350, ext. 118
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Weavers Way Co-op, 217 E Butler Ave, Ambler, PA 19002