Weavers Way Co-op strives to uphold a variety of principles in what we sell. The products we choose reflect values that are important to our owner-members, a dynamic and diverse group of people who support the Weavers Way Mission Statement. 

  • We are committed to selling products for which we have full nutrition and source information and to providing this information to shoppers.
  • We buy products that are cooperatively or collectively produced.
  • We buy products that are locally or regionally produced and that support the local economy.
  • We buy products from independent suppliers, producers and small businesses.
  • We are committed to buying the freshest products available.
  • We offer products at cost savings to members.
  • We provide choices and offer product alternatives (e.g., organic vs. nonorganic, gourmet/specialty vs. value-priced,  bulk vs. packaged/processed).
  • We purchase eco-friendly products that do not adversely affect the environment; we avoid purchasing products proven to be detrimental to human health or the environment.
  • We buy products from businesses that support conditions of shared wealth and do not exploit workers.

Take a look at the pages focusing on individual departments to learn more about what you can find at Weavers Way.
Read our formal Product Philosophy statement here.