Fresh Produce Year-Round

 We are committed to providing our shoppers with high quality produce every day of the year. There is a wide variety of items that we plan to have all the time, no matter the season.

Local and Seasonal Produce

There are many items that we prioritize sourcing locally, when available, and others that we carry exclusively when in season. Our local produce kicks off with strawberries in the spring, continues with blueberries, peaches and tomatoes in the summer, and ends with apples in the fall and into the winter.

 Sourcing produce locally can be more challenging than it might seem. Local farms may be just around the corner, but the logistics for getting the food from the field to our plates is not always well established. However, we love our farmers and are continually working with them to provide our shoppers with a diverse array of fresh and tasty, local produce.

When considering to buy from a local farmer we examine a range of criteria about their operation. We look for farms that strive towards environmental sustainability through lower pesticide and chemical fertilizer usage. In addition to growing practices, we also consider crop selection, water and land use, and employment conditions.

Our Local Produce Vendors

Organic Produce

 Decisions about carrying organic produce are partly based on the Environmental Working Group’s guide to pesticide residue on produce. We do our best to carry organic options of the most pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables. We also make choices about organic products based on availability and environmental and social impact. This includes a commitment to not carry genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We’re open to requests for organic products our shoppers care about. In short: We buy organic where it matters, where requested … and where it’s truly awesome!

High Quality & Fair Pricing

 We look for the best quality, at reasonable prices. When an organic product is significantly more expensive than the conventional version, we try to provide both options. In all regards, quality is a top priority. We set retail prices based on the cost to the co-op. Since we believe in paying farmers a fair price for their product, our prices for local produce are sometimes higher than similar products from elsewhere. Also, we do not purchase from produce auctions, where prices are suppressed and farmers often lose money selling excess product.

A Continually Expanding Line

 While there is a wide variety of staple produce items you can always find in our produce departments, there is so much more out there! We are continually bringing in new items as they become available, we find something new we think our shoppers might like, or someone makes a request. If there is something you’d like us to carry, let us know! Chances are you’re not the only one.