Since switching to Merrymead Farms of Montgomery County as our primary milk supplier in 2005, the vast majority of our dairy products are now locally produced. In addition to a full line of naturally raised milk from Merrymead, we also carry fresh, local, naturally raised dairy products like yogurt from Pequea Farms and Seven Stars, organic and naturally raised eggs from Nature’s Yoke, and organic milk from Natural by Nature — all produced within 50 miles of our stores.

Weavers Way strives to have the finest cheese cave in our area, with a well curated selection of specialty cheeses at a competitive price structure. We actively search out small, local dairies who create unique, distinctive and delicious cheeses.

We stay clear of processed cheeses, hormones and unsafe additives in cheese.

We seek to service a wide range of customers: those looking for the finest cheese in the world, families looking for reasonably priced, "clean" everyday cheese, goat and sheep cheese lovers, raw milk cheese aficionados, rennet-free cheese lovers, low-fat and alternative cheese eaters.

Our Local Dairy Vendors