Weavers Way Recycles

Weavers Way is committed to the environment and recycling is one of our major efforts to demonstrate that commitment. It should be noted, however, that our stores are not drop-off points for recyclables.

Both of our stores’ operations generate materials that are recycled: cardboard, paper, glass, aluminum and plastic, which are separated from non-recyclable trash and picked up by both the City of Philadelphia and our waste hauler. Our stores also generate lots of food waste, much of which is collected and used for making compost at the W.B. Saul Agricultural High School. The resulting Henry Got Crops compost is on sale at our stores!  

In addition, the clear plastic deli type containers we use for packaging deli and prepared food items are made from recycled material. In recent years, sorting and processing technologies have advanced to the point where plastic soda and water bottles (PET resin — polyethylene terephthalate) can now be made into food containers. Our deli containers are made from this material and are 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. We are also looking into containers that are up to 100 percent post-consumer content.