Weavers Way FAQ

Do you have to be a member to shop at Weavers Way?

No. Everyone can shop at Weavers Way — but there are great reasons for becoming a member.

What are the benefits of membership?

There are lots of benefits to membership! Here is just a sampling:

  • Dozens of Member-Only Specials each month.
  • Cash back on checks and debit cards.
  • Discounts at local retailers and service providers.

Membership is a commitment to a community that supports sustainable, locally produced and healthy food and the growth of our local economy. Being a member also means having a say. Co-op members elect the Weavers Way Board of Directors and vote on bylaw changes and referenda. Members can serve on committees or run for the Board.

Find out more on our member benefits page.

How does being a member help our community?

Your membership helps support local farmers, bringing you the freshest, most delicious produce available. 

Your membership strengthens our advocacy for high-quality food. Added to the voices of our 10,000 individual members, your membership supports fair trade, local and sustainable products and helps us advocate for an even stronger message to state and national policy-makers.

Weavers Way’s mission statement and bylaws and the International Cooperative Principles all reflect a commitment to the community. Weavers Way supports local businesses, wholesalers, community groups and institutions in ways that strengthen the diverse community in which it is embedded and benefits Weavers Way members.

You can be assured that Weavers Way operates in an environmentally friendly way.

How do I become a member?

It’s easy! You can sign up at any of our stores or online!

What is member equity?

When we say our members are our owners, we mean it. When you join, you make your first equity payment, which buys your share of the Co-op. You can pay as little as $30 each year, up to a maximum of $400, or pay $400 or more up front. If you leave the Co-op, your equity is returned to you.

What does Weavers Way do with my equity?

This is our capital, a fund of money that helps us make improvements in our stores. The more member capital we have, the less we have to borrow from the bank. Members use the services Weavers Way offers and the money stays in our community, benefiting local producers and consumer cooperation.

What does the Co-op carry? Does the Co-op carry organic food? Does the Co-op carry only organic food?

Our stores carry a wide variety of products to serve a diverse population with a variety of needs. We sell an excellent selection of organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, groceries, health food, vitamins, household items, pet products, gift items and more. 

I’ve heard there are “rules” about shopping in the Mt. Airy store.

Let’s dispel the myths. Because the store is pretty small, it’s become convention that shoppers leave their baskets on the center counter while they shop. Deli orders work a little differently too — shoppers write down their orders and the deli notifies them on the loudspeaker when orders are ready. Over the years, we’ve found that the store works better for everyone when we do these things. Don’t hesitate to ask a staff member or another shopper if you can't find something or aren't sure what to do.

Do members have to work at the Co-op?

No, we no longer require members to work at the Co-op. However, we want every member to get the fullest benefit of being a member, and we believe that participating in the Working Member Program is an integral part of that.  What better way to get to know your Co-op by spending a few hours a year working there?

Are there any benefits to being a Working Member other than just the warm and fuzzy community stuff?

Yes! Working Members get 5 percent off all their purchases once they complete their 6 work hours per adult per household per year. Member work also keeps the Co-op’s labor costs down, which ultimately keeps your shopping bills down.