Together We Grow Equity Campaign

With the Together We Grow member equity campaign, members who make a one-time $400 equity investment receive a $100 credit to their EasyPay house account. 

This program is open to both new and current members. Just joining? You can make annual $30 investments, spreading out your $400 total equity investment over 13 years, but if you pay the entire $400 up front, we'll give you $100 in EasyPay to spend at Weavers Way. Already have your $400 (or some other amount) in equity? Write us a check for $400 and we'll give you the $100. (For more info about EasyPay, visit

Members can get their equity back if they leave the Co-op. However, if you take advantage of the Together We Grow campaign, we ask that you keep your equity invested in Weavers Way for five years. If you need to withdraw your equity before then, we will deduct the $100 Together We Grow credit from your refund.

When we say our members are our owners, we mean it. Regardless of the amount of your investment, you are an equal shareholder in the Co-op. 

Having more equity in the bank strengthens the Co-op and gives us more financial flexibility so we can remain a viable and active contributor to our community and hold true to our Ends and mission. Member equity also improves our standing when we negotiate with banks and other lenders, because it shows that we have an active, engaged membership that is committed to our success.

Your investment helps ensure that Weavers Way will continue to thrive. You own it! Why not grow it?

You can make an equity investment directly by logging in to the Member Center ( and clicking on My Equity. Or contact Membership Manager Kirsten Bernal at or 215-843-2350, ext. 119, for more information.