Pay It Forward Equity Up Front Campaign

Join the Co-op, invest all your Member Equity up front, and well give you a $40 Weavers Way gift card.

When we say our members are our owners we mean it. Regardless of the amount of your initial investment when you join, you are making your contribution to the Co-op and you are an equal shareholder. The Co-op gives members over 13 years to pay their equity in full$400 is much more valuable to us now than $400 in payments over a decade from now.

Member Equity goes into our business as capital and is used and invested in all parts of our operations. Paying all of your Equity up front supports the Co-op by defraying administrative costs associated with equity renewals and supplies, plus extra earned interest on that money in our banks accounts. Paying It Forward further strengthens the Co-op so we can remain a viable and active contributor to our community and hold true to our Mission Statement.

Current members are also welcome to add an additional $400 to your Member Equity account and we will give you a $40 Weavers Way gift card. The Pay It Forward campaign requires both new and current members to commit to keeping their Equity in the Co-op for one year.

Contact Kirsten Bernal, Membership Manager, at or 215-843-2350 ext. 119 for more information or to sign up.