Member Benefits

Weavers Way is open to everyone. You don't have to be a member to shop, but there are plenty of good reasons to join. Consumer ownership is a big part of what makes a co-op special. Joining the Co-op makes you an owner. So, when members call Weavers Way "their" co-op, they mean it literally.

Being a Member-Owner means supporting local food and our commitment to the community. But members receive many other benefits as well.

Members have a say.

Have a vote in Co-op elections and referendums.
Serve on committees, join a club  or run for the Board.

Members save money.

  • 5% off of Weavers Way brand vitamins and supplements, Weavers Way brand Philly Fresh Pickles, Weavers Way Blend One Village Coffee and Weavers Way Farms Produce. And that's in addition to your Working Member Discount!
  • Member-only specials through the NCGA (National Cooperative Grocers Association) that change twice a month, as well as exclusive in-store sales.
  • Patronage rebates on surpluses.
  • Discounts at many local retailers and service providers.
  • Shuttle advertising discounts.
  • Free month of compost pickup service when you sign up for a year with Bennett Compost. Bennett will donate a portion of members' proceeds to WWCP.

Member-only services

Be a Working Member.

Being a working member of Weavers Way is a great way to experience your co-op, get to know the staff, and truly become part of the operation - all for just six hours a year. Working members receive a 5% discount on all groceries. Click here for more information about being a working member.