Thanks to all our friends, four-legged, two-legged and otherwise! For more pictures, see the slideshows on Newsworks ( and the Chestnut Hill Local website ( as well as on the Weavers Way Facebook page. Congratulations to the winners of our Petapalooza Paw-Purrazzi Photo and Video Contest!  


  • 1st: Green Tales Childcare, “A Ride to the Co-Op” 
  • 2nd:  Brittany Yanoviak, “Kota at the Beach”
  • 3rd: Brittany Rafalak, “Socks Helping with Laundry”
  • Honorable Mentions: Jane Glenn, “Nora/ Chicken”; Sarah Gowan, “Catzilla”; Rebecca ,Torpie, “Hoagie Is Hungry”; Megan Fitzpatrick, “Aunt Jane with Horse”; Kerry Bebe, “Miss Pixie Napping”; Heather Graham, “Willow Watching.” 


  • 1st: Sion Eoin Payton Jesse, “Chi as Bee” 
  • 2nd: Alison Walker, “Oliver Has a Cold” 
  • 3rd: Courtenay Catherine, “Two Dogs in Scarves” 
  • Honorable Mention: Anat Friedman Ferleger, “Snake In Boot — Yaffa.” 

TRICK (video)

  • 1st: Alexis Lieverman, “Michaela & Puff” 
  • 2nd: Katarina Kirby, “Candy & Darwin Get the Shuttle” 
  • 3rd: Anais De Caumette “Frieda Gets the Paper” 
  • Honorable Mentions: Annette Aloe, “Lucia Takes a Bath”; Shannon Votero, “Malibu Waits for a Treat”.