Local Vendor Profile: The Juice Room

Sometimes, our new favorite local vendor has been operating right under our noses.

Since September 2012, Mt. Airy folks have been enjoying fresh juices and smoothies from the Juice Room on Germantown Ave. The shop was originally part of the Video Library, which owner Malikha Washington purchased in 2012; at that time, customers could rent movies on one side of the store and get delicious fresh juices on the other. In October 2013, Malikha moved to her current space a few doors down to focus strictly on juices. Her creative background in painting, design and renovation shows in her bright and eclectic shop.

But what is now a full-time business started for the Washingtons in response to tragedy. Several years ago, Malikha’s mother was diagnosed with stage-four ovarian cancer, with few options for treatment. When Malikha learned that, according to the American Cancer Society, the survival rate at this stage lingers at 17%, she went into research mode, sorting through data on how nutrition could help her mother through her illness.

As she began to discover the connection between food and healing, Malikha read about “The Budwig Protocol,” which incorporates food and juicing as a means for healing cancer and other ailments. Johanna Budwig was a German-born doctor who started a treatment center in Spain that has worked with many patients to overcome illnesses, including cancer. The basis of the center’s treatment is Budwig Muesli, composed of flaxseed oil and quark (cottage cheese), along with a whole-foods diet focused on juicing.

The Budwig Protocol’s guide describes the diet as “much like that of a wise gardener who does not cut off the weeds at the top but ‘pulls them out by the roots,’ because he knows that unless he gets the ‘roots’ the weed will grow back. The same is true of degenerative diseases and tumor activity. We must remove the ‘root’ cause, otherwise a year or so later, sad to say, it comes back.”

The Washingtons decided to try the diet described in the protocol, and Malikha’s mother did very well on it — as Malikha puts it, she’s “still kicking strong today.” During this time, juicing became a part of Malikha and her family's everyday routine. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and feeling inspired by her two boys, Malikha decided she wanted to help provide other people with a healthy option for their families.

In her words, “A juice bar seemed to fit the bill, and here I am today.”

You can find her juices at both of our stores, delivered fresh Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

— Stephanie Kane, Weavers Way Local Purchasing Coordinator